May 17 - 31 2024

Iman Rezai

Press Release

O Gallery presents "Exstepfather", Iman Rezai’s (b.1981 Shiraz) first solo show with the gallery.
The exhibition is a bold reflection on the ephemeral relationships and systems that shape our modern society. The title itself is a metaphor for the fleeting bonds that surround us – platforms and political institutions that fail to establish real connections with the people who use them. In this sense, they are similar to an "Exstepfather" – once part of our lives, but now without responsibility and commitment.
This exhibition is a pioneering work that resets the clock of art and challenges us to question the double standards in our relationships with the structures that shape our lives. The works are more than visual representations; they are a dialogue – an invitation to reflect on the authenticity of our connections and the trust we place in those who claim to be there for us.
In a mirror cabinet of the soul, "Exstepfather" presents collages of mirrors that invite us to recognize the "Exstepfather" within ourselves. Every person carries an "Exstepfather" within them – a side that shuns responsibility and embodies the double standards we so often condemn in others. The beauty of the mirror works seduces us, but it also challenges us to recognize the truth: not everything that is beautiful is necessarily good.
Please note that this exhibition aims to reflect universal themes of human nature and fear of commitment, without referring to specific political systems or structures. It is an artistic interpretation that encourages thought and self-reflection, without making political statements. It is a reminder that art has the power to reveal the hidden truths of our society and to make us question the reality in which we live in.