Ghasem Hajizadeh - "Fear and Desire"

April 16, 2024

O Gallery is pleased to present “Fear and Desire,” Ghasem Hajizadeh’s (b. 1947 Lahijan) first solo show with the gallery. 
Drawing inspiration from the Qajar period, Ghasem Hajizadeh adds expressionism where it didn’t exist before, plays the naïve artist at times while he is very well capable and aware of “conventions” such as perspective and composition. Hinting at pop art, while touching the surface of neo realism, Hajizadeh doesn’t fit into any one category, while he is a little bit of everything. His canvases are striking combinations of drawing and painting, paper and canvas, resulting in multi-layered canvases that weave together references to personal events in the past. 
Painting from old photographs, the scenes that he portrays seem to tell a story but the narrative is not always straightforward. He reframes the visual narratives of his subjects by exaggerating the “reality” of the photos he uses. Interested in historical, social contexts of the photographs, he stands as an independent witness, documenting what he wants, juxtaposing what he pleases and eliminating what doesn’t serve his image. Through his paintings, the second-hand circulation of old photographs creates the past but in the now. 
The figures in his paintings tell us something simple yet profound about lust and fear. Contrary to what a photograph does, to capture and save a moment, it is the desire for the ephemeral that gives depth to Hajizadeh’s work. What is short lived, the lust so apparent in many of his works and the anxiety present in the way he portrays them.  The posture of the figures, their gaze and their arrangement in space and relationship to one another is of great importance. 
In one of his works where a couple are portrayed on their wedding day, there is another man in the frame. The bride is looking down coyly; the groom is holding unto the bride’s arm with a very tight grip whilst leaning towards the other man, kissing him with what seems like blushed cheeks. What are we looking at here? Perhaps the desire to move forward with something or the fear of losing what’s at hand? While the three figures are united in their celebration, they are somehow disconnected as well. 
In another work, the details of the dresses of the three men dressed as women, their jewelry and the adornments on their hair are so exquisite that you can feel the couture between your fingers and the lace slipping through. They have dressed up for just for this occasion, to have their photos taken at a photography studio, and Hajizadeh plays with such incidents very lightheartedly. The subjects’ eyes distinguish the facts, the one in the center is looking straight, while the other two are looking to the left, with their cigarettes pointing to the same direction, again another prop to complete their “pose”, hinting at the different possibilities in front of them. 
Hajizadeh clearly takes pleasure in painting and want his viewers to as well. That is not to say he makes things easy. He employs an offbeat color palette that separates his work from anyone else. He might use a sharp orange for the flat background of one painting, making it more pop and of today, or use a detailed background with a hint of brown glaze to make it more nostalgic and of the past.  But more than being nostalgic images, the “every day” in Hajizadeh’s paintings is seasoned with something more grievous 

- Orkideh Daroodi
April 2024

Hidden Curtains, Apparent Curtains

April 11, 2024

O Gallery presents “Hidden Curtains, Apparent Curtains”, a group exhibition curated by Boyeh Sadadtnia.
The pursuit of truth has always been our concern; moving beyond the surface of things and reaching what lies beneath, discovering the connections between matters and delving into their hidden depths; even though we are simultaneously mask-makers and veil-wearers as well. To be is a side of being and just as our world shapes us, we also shape ourselves. We classify, categorize and as we organize our world, we formulize it. We are the moderators of our own order. Every time we discover the world, we add a layer to what existed before; as if a new curtain of a new show is dropped.
The playful artist, like a child, sets aside the stage curtain and cunningly peers behind the scenes. As if they know that this curtain is the same as their canvas. They know that this curtain has manipulators and that some have raised curtains for us.
As a child plays with the stage curtain, the world behind the curtain unfolds for the audience, and we once again find ourselves allowed a momentary glimpse behind the curtain of the world.

- Boyeh Sadatnia

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On Farniyaz Zaker's practice in the book "WORD: Beyond Language, Beyond Image" by Mariam Motamedi Fraser

January 5, 2024

The book explores the epistemological, experiential and political implications of words when lifted out of language and discursive meaning. Referring to reliable sources and research, Motamedi studies the function of word with different approaches and in different contexts. Centering this subject, she explores the language’s conceptual limitations, contradictions and its extensions with image.

Studying different linguistic approaches, Motamedi reviews works of art concerning this concept from various artists and she explores works by Farniyaz Zaker and a scene from "The Story of My Life" by Helen Adams Keller for demonstrating words textural.

Ali Nassir

November 8, 2023

A published collection of drawings and paintings (1985-2022)/ Ali Nassir, available at the gallery.

Pooyan Hashemi Tari - "Square"

September 27, 2023

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Pop Up No.1 – Shiraz

October 24, 2018
O Gallery, established in 2014, is devoted to the promotion of young and emerging artists while devising selected projects with a few established artists. Working closely with curators and leading intellectuals in the field, the gallery is committed to presenting distinguished exhibitions which reflect the culture and attitudes of its artists. The format of pop up exhibition is a relatively new initiative to host temporary exhibitions that run for a short period of time, and are often held in a nontraditional space like a storefront or an artist’s studio to give those interested a chance to see the art in person. O Gallery has planned a series of pop-up exhibitions, showcasing a broad array of works from both established and emerging artists, to present a collection of mixed media pieces, featuring paintings, drawings, sculptures, and installations in different cities. Our upcoming pop-up event in Shiraz highlights the work of 31 accomplished artists, coming from different backgrounds and cities whose previous artworks have been exhibited by O Gallery in solo and group exhibitions. Holding longstanding, personal and professional relationships with the artists, the gallery provides unique insight into the works on display, creating an informative and engaging environment for all. In a way, the first pop-up in the series is a review of the gallery’s performance and program in the past four years and its upcoming exhibitions this year, including works by most of the artists it has worked with (excluding photography). Through an ethical and open-minded approach to art, combined with a commitment to seeking out exemplary work, O Gallery fosters a creative climate that works to benefit artists and art collectors alike in order to raise awareness and appreciation for art through such events and activities.

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First Edition of 3 on 3

June 20, 2016
O Gallery is pleased to announce the first edition of 3 on 3, a valuable platform for young emerging artists. Consisting of 5 exhibitions, each of these 2-week shows during the summer, showcase the work of 3 artists. Each selected artist will present a solo body of work at only one of the gallery’s three floors. The criteria for selection are talent, originality, promise and the ability to benefit from a smaller space allocated to their work. The chosen artists for the 2016 edition, cover the fields of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and photography, offering a unique glimpse into the young generation of artists who are at the early stages of their artistic careers. Presenting the works of young artists has been O Gallery’s desire from the beginning and we hope to achieve a larger audience and benefit a larger crowd of artists through our 3 on 3 program.

Ali Nassir

April 26, 2016
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