Artificial Lake/ Desire

July 12 - 23 2024

Press Release

VATTTAN Projects, in collaboration with O Gallery, is showcasing «VATTTANI Project» at O Gallerys Window.
From Zabol to Tehran, featuring Hossein Molashahi Zare (b. 1996 Zabol)

The VATTTANI Project is the result of the «Maa-Zaad» workshop in two parts: the «VATTTAN» workshop and the «Cotton Swab» workshop. Last year, the «Maa-Zaad» workshop traveled to the cities of Kerman, Ahvaz, Zabol, and Anzali to attract potential talents outside the city of Tehran and decentralize the focus from the capital. This initiative was led by Mohammad Ghazali in photography and supported by Mehdi Behbudi in sound.
The aim of this project is to introduce these talents and provide them with visibility in the artistic heart of Iran, Tehran, and to create more motivation and dynamism in cities outside Tehran.

On a stormy day, I went with my camera to the only remaining lake near my home. This artificial lake, in this dry land, acts like a materialized memory and a «reconstruction of what no longer exists».