From an Altitude of 2536 Meters in Eight Scenes

June 7 - 24 2024

Aylar Dastgiri

Press Release

O Gallery presents “From an Altitude of 2536 Meters in Eight Scenes,” Aylar Dastgiri’s (b. 1988 Tehran) third solo show with the gallery. 

Dastgiri’s main question in her work process is how a painting takes shape as a mental activity by imagining herself and assuming the viewer as a part of the painting’s body. She searches for solutions in nature and her surroundings, aiming to observe, understand and interpret the similarities and differences between the human body and the body of nature to envision this experience in space and time within the body of the painting.
This collection has been created in the past two and a half years, based on images from the experience of traversing and being in Lar plain to see Damavand from the southwest front.

We traverse a historical path.
A route that was previously taken to travel from Lavasanat to Amol.  In fact, this is the old route from Ghoshkhaneh to Polur, which eventually leads to Amol.
Our route is from Polur, east of the plain, and then into a valley between South Tizkoh on our right, North Yellow-Flower on our left, and the river towards the dam and Lar plain.
We walk about eight kilometers, starting at an altitude of 2,500 meters, climbing to 3,000 meters, then descending again and settling at around the same altitude of about 2,500 meters where Lar plain is located.
Along our route, we see yellow poppies, unique to the area, mountain spruce, yellow barijeh and purple Damavand lily.  From within the plain, we also see Asemankooh.
Finally, when we stand on the foot of the lake and by Lar dam, Chahak peak is behind us and Damavand from the southwest front is in front of us.
It is 4:41 PM.