The Wild Hunt

May 17 - 31 2024

Press Release

In this series, Arya Shahab (b. 1999 Tehran) portrays a whimsical scene of two wild cats in a fierce struggle over prey using airbrush, foam and spray techniques.
Shahab, influenced by animations, comics and mythological stories, expresses the rebellious and youthful nature of his character. He gives a narrative aspect to his work by using the form of a scroll and aquiline and shows his childish playfulness by using foam. He portrays untamed monsters that excite us on one hand and do not terrify us on the other, because of their velvety, colorful and whimsically detailed appearance.
They are staring at us in a distressed position and despite their apparent conflict, they seem to be pleading for help from the viewer. The half/ half but chubby prey is desperately waiting for its fate s positioned among them. Shahab leaves the fate of this humorous paradox to our imagination.

- Ameen Moazami