No. 105

February 23 - March 11 2024

Press Release

Mojtaba Tajik’s (b. 1966 Tehran) “Boxes” consist of paintings categorized by subjects depicting shoeboxes, wooden boxes, mailboxes, lockers, display cases and suitcases. In each of these works, Tajik applies a dramatic approach towards painting by projecting and using spot lights and theatrical scenes; each showcasing a fragment of life in their own unique way.  
In continuation of his previous series, the collection of display titled “No. 105”, he has taken the concept of the “window” to showcase individual drawers each with their vintage unique handles to indirectly references to social structure, order, principally criticizing our modern lifestyle. Our life in apartments (or containers) as Tajik likes to describe it, is the central subject and reason behind the creation of his boxes.