O Gallery at Artissima 2021

Attending Artists

Ashkan Sanei , Farniyaz Zaker ,

Pess Release

November 5 - 7 2021

O Gallery is pleased to announce its participation at Artissima 2021 with a duo presentation of works by Ashkan Sanei and Farniyaz Zaker. Ashkan Sanei’s aesthetics is based on destruction and repetition and in his practice, he swings between creation and destruction. The fragility and vulnerability of paper, his chosen medium, allows him to leave traces in his work rather than specific objects, reminiscing rather than directly indicating. Currently living and working in Tehran, Ashkan Sanei (b. 1984 Urumieh) has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in addition to co-curating “The List - Works on Paper” project with the gallery.
Farniyaz Zaker is an artist and a researcher. Located between architectural theory and gender studies, her art practice and writing largely deal with the nexus on body, society and place. Much of her practice explores how bodily practices and spatial awareness define our sense of identity, belonging and the very concept of knowledge. Currently living and working between London and Berlin, Farniyaz Zaker (b. 1982 Tehran) has exhibited her work internationally since 2002 and has been the recipient of many grants and awards.

O Gallery at Artissima 2021