Drawing Room Online Art Fair

Attending Artists

Ashkan Sanei , Amir Karimi , Ghazal Khatibi , Niloofar Lohrasbi , Maryam Mohry , Pegah Rajamand , Razieh Sedighian ,

Pess Release

May 15 - 30 2021

O Gallery is pleased to present 5 works by Ashkan Sanei in the upcoming edition of the Drawing Room fair.

The international online fair will take place from May 15th to 30th with 19 international galleries presenting only 19 shows by artists from around the world.


In addition, works by Amir Karimi, Ghazal Khatibi, Maryam Mohry, Niloofar Lohrasbi, Pegah Rajamand and Razieh Sedighian are presented in the store section of their site.

Drawing Room Store is the first online platform for the exhibition and sale of contemporary drawing and paperwork.


To visit the online fair and store click here.

Drawing Room Online Art Fair