No One Saw the Old Man from the Next Day

July 12 - 23 2024

Mahoor Ahmadi

Press Release

O Gallery presents "Title", Mahoor Ahmadi’s (b.1983 Tehran) installation.

We never experience our own death; this experience happens through the death of those around us. Death strangely changes everything - from the shape of life to the weight of time ... Dates acquire new meanings. On July 10th, Ahmadreza Ahmadi left this world forever, and on July 21th, we buried him in the ground like planting a tree. These two days have become very significant and devastating in my life. In this exhibition, we see his handwritten notes that he wrote in his planner on the mentioned dates - the dates that, at the time of writing his diary routines, did not have the importance they hold today. Additionally, you will watch a short film I made of his hands in the last days of his life, in moments of restlessness and malaise. He would find some solace in his pain, restlessness and long sleepless nights by listening to music and talking with my mother and I. However, even amidst the pain, the presence of death and his awareness of his imminent death, life had a vivid flow for him that we see and hear in this film. This exhibition is a narrative about death.

- Mahoor Ahmadi