Dark Day

May 17 - 31 2024

Ali Ganjavi

Press Release

O Gallery presents "Dark Day", an exhibition of recent works by Ali Ganjavi (b.1980 Sari), marking the artist's third solo show with the gallery.

This exhibition features a number of acrylic works on canvas in relatively large dimensions. High light-dark contrast and limited use of colors, with an emphasis on blue tonality, are among the first characteristics that captivate the viewer's attention. Upon closer examination of the elements in each image, with a specific focus on the painter's approach to representing figures and characters, we become familiar with sculptures and pre-made volumes, possibly made of plaster, as if created somewhere before taking shape in the artist's imagination. These figures are intentionally depicted in a dark setting, with patches of light illuminated by spotlights.

The characters in the "noir" scenes of "Dark Day" are mostly sculptures of humans or animals carefully thought out in a space resembling a stage set, studio or even a corner of a room, with attention to detail and sensibility. The arrangement of the elements of each work, alongside other visual qualities - contrast, light and color - signifies a power hierarchy prior to any interpretation and more than anything, conveys a sense of terror and fear that is perhaps unfamiliar to both its characters and possibly its audience.