3 on 3

July 12 - 23 2024

Press Release

O Gallery is pleased to announce the 4th edition of “3 on 3”, a valuable platform for emerging artists. Consisting of 3 exhibitions, each of these 2-week shows during the summer, showcase the work of 3 artists.  Each selected artist will present a solo body of work at one of the gallery’s individual spaces. The criteria for selection were talent, originality, promise and the ability to benefit from a smaller space allocated to their work.  
The selected artists for the 2024 present a range of works, from works on paper to oil and acrylic canvases to photographs. Presenting the works of young and emerging artists has been O Gallery’s desire from the beginning and we hope to achieve a larger audience and benefit a larger crowd of artists though this program. 

This how Linda Ahani (b. 1985 Zanjan) describes “Remembreance”, her collection:
1- Something built to commemorate a person or event.
2- A ceremony held in memory of someone or something.

Qazaleh Aqazari’s (b. 1997 Tehran) landscapes from the “In Between” series are an attempt to capture a moment or an almost insane desire to control an uncontrollable and unattainable matter; the artist’s passion compels her to preserve the moment eternally through the act of painting … a sunset frozen in a timeless frame, unchanged until darkness inevitably covers it; an ideal image and worthy of worship, yet empty.

Mozhdeh Navaei’s (b. 1982 Isfahan) works initially appear as simple and abstract figurative forms that shift between reality and imagination. 
The use of charcoal and similar materials as a primitive Medium limited range of grays and the direct intervention of hand and (the presence of) fingerprints in creating linear forms assist the viewer in discovering deeper mental spaces of the artist; Images from narratives that are simultaneously familiar and strange.