An artist who experienced the revolution in his childhood and the war in his teenage years, it can be argued that the year and place Omid Moshksar (b. Shiraz 1972) was born in has had a remarkable effect on the development of his art.
His art has an entwined connection to the geographical inhabitants of his milieu, even though the images he illustrates never make a direct reference to a specific time or place. Typically, drawn so that to represent an elusive and mysterious relationship with one another, animals and objects, human figures have an essential role in his drawings.
A crucial quality in Moshksar’s work is his power of imagination in narrating a memory or a scene from a lived experience in a manner that the possibility for its definite and certain interpretation by the viewer is impaired.
In his artistic expression, he uses etching, ink and oil and in order to express the details of what he has in mind, he even sometimes makes his own tools.
Omid Moshksar has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Shiraz and Tehran. He moved to Netherlands in 1990 in which he held several solo shows in Amsterdam and Vorden. He has been working in his studio in Shiraz since his return in 1995.