Mohammad Khalili was born in 1971 in Torbat- e Jam, Iran.
By the representation of elements such as ryes, rocks, and concrete walls, Khalili´s paintings are placed on the fine edge between reality and fantasy. In his paintings, by emphasizing the forgotten elements of everyday life and maintaining the natural order between these elements, he invites the audience to deeply contemplate the surrounding facts in an uncanny and rather unexpected way.
By portraying unconventional landscapes, the architecture of buildings that can analogously be parts of a half-finished building and the ruins of an abandoned civilization, Khalili intentionally eliminates the sense of time and space in his works. In fact, these landscapes and buildings can be metaphors for the existential, psychological, moral and aesthetic themes of contemporary life. Furthermore, he takes the spectator on a rebellious silent journey, through which s/he can gaze into the past memories, as well as the possible future in a single frame.