Elham Yazdanian (b. 1979 Tehran) received her master’s in painting from Tehran Art and Architecture University in 2005. Having taken some courses in interior design as well, a passion of hers, her artistic practice is greatly influenced by her studies. She tries to reveal the consciousness concealed in the darkness of a space by an illuminating light. Though figures are nonexistent in her works, a trace of their presence is sensed in hallways, rooms, and staircases. Light and shadow play a significant role in her paintings and the emphasis on this contrast creates a still, weighty and daunting mood.
Her choice of medium in her paintings is acrylic while she uses a wide range of materials in her smaller scale drawings. Since 2003, she has participated in numerous exhibitions and biennials. In addition to being part of several private collections, her works are kept in the collection of Imam Ali Museum in Tehran.

Selected Works