Ali Sadeghi (b. 1976 Ilam) received his bachelor in painting from the University of Tehran in 2006. By intentionally eliminating the sense of time and space in his work, Ali Sadeghi takes the spectator to a rebellious journey through which they can gaze into traumatic memories, as well as the uncanny future in a single frame. He insists on making turbulent atmospheres in his work to reveal a great absence; the figures are present between the dashed lines, sometimes with unstable awe and at times heavy and motionless, they reveal an aspect of existence without acknowledging their presence. Some of the forms twisted in the context of the work go to the point of abstraction, escaping from it at the last moment. It is as though where the elements are to be loomed in definite forms, the artist shatters them with strokes, lines and layers of color over again, distorting their total certainty. Ali Sadeghi has participated in seven solo shows and several group exhibitions since 2003.

Selected Works