Pop Up No.1 – Shiraz

O Gallery, established in 2014, is devoted to the promotion of young and emerging artists while devising selected projects with a few established artists.
Working closely with curators and leading intellectuals in the field, the gallery is committed to presenting distinguished exhibitions which reflect the culture and attitudes of its artists.
The format of pop up exhibition is a relatively new initiative to host temporary exhibitions that run for a short period of time, and are often held in a nontraditional space like a storefront or an artist’s studio to give those interested a chance to see the art in person.
O Gallery has planned a series of pop-up exhibitions, showcasing a broad array of works from both established and emerging artists, to present a collection of mixed media pieces, featuring paintings, drawings, sculptures, and installations in different cities. Our upcoming pop-up event in Shiraz highlights the work of 31 accomplished artists, coming from different backgrounds and cities whose previous artworks have been exhibited by O Gallery in solo and group exhibitions.
Holding longstanding, personal and professional relationships with the artists, the gallery provides unique insight into the works on display, creating an informative and engaging environment for all. In a way, the first pop-up in the series is a review of the gallery’s performance and program in the past four years and its upcoming exhibitions this year, including works by most of the artists it has worked with (excluding photography). Through an ethical and open-minded approach to art, combined with a commitment to seeking out exemplary work, O Gallery fosters a creative climate that works to benefit artists and art collectors alike in order to raise awareness and appreciation for art through such events and activities.

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