First Edition of 3 on 3

O Gallery is pleased to announce the first edition of 3 on 3, a valuable platform for young emerging artists. Consisting of 5 exhibitions, each of these 2-week shows during the summer, showcase the work of 3 artists. Each selected artist will present a solo body of work at only one of the gallery’s three floors. The criteria for selection are talent, originality, promise and the ability to benefit from a smaller space allocated to their work. The chosen artists for the 2016 edition, cover the fields of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and photography, offering a unique glimpse into the young generation of artists who are at the early stages of their artistic careers. Presenting the works of young artists has been O Gallery’s desire from the beginning and we hope to achieve a larger audience and benefit a larger crowd of artists through our 3 on 3 program.

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