Wide Shut

Selected Works

Press Release

“Wide/Shut” is a visual idea that has been featured over the last fifteen years as a form in my work, and the concept behind it is that by extending and enlarging the frame, the elements and the content of the existing image continue. The above idea is visible from my first abstract experiences (2004) to the present day, and are rooted in the mise en scène and aesthetic and of Iranian paintings, and are also the result of my practice in returning from abstraction to realism. The works in the present collection, which are subjective impressions of the reality, have a decorative aspect as they have a pattern-like quality and at the same time as a result of the repetition of limited elements there is also a minimalistic side in them; The works on display can be considered as a bridge between abstract phenomena and examples abstraction it in the material world.
-Dariush Hosseini