Vacant Place


October 30  -  November 11 2015


Mohammad Khalili

Press Release

O Gallery presents “Vacant Place,” an exhibition of the most recent collection of drawings by Mohammad Khalili (b. 1971 Torbat-e Jam). In continuation to his previous exhibitions, the works on display illustrate timeless and placeless spaces in unknown, mysterious and uncertain spectrums.
In these drawings, the skies are portrayed as cosmic; the clouds; compressed, the weather; foggy and hazy and the lands; vast and barren.  If there are figures, they are all alone and confused. Here, they are not illustrated against overflowing rivers or massive rocks and are not in defeated and beaten states by the glory of nature. Instead, they are stunned, looking into the unknown, surrounded by thick metal pipes and giant electric poles.
In these works, by using the capacity of his tools in their entirety, Mohammad Khalili creates a halo-like and ghostly ambiance so that he can represent humans in their deepest and most private states. Humans that have found life’s only incitement in a range of concepts such as separation, loss and death and it’s as though they don’t remember what they are after. The density of these spaces is in the portrayal of the feeling that is left unsaid.