January 6  -  January 17 2017


Mona Omatali

Press Release

O Gallery is pleased to present the newest collection of works on paper by Mona Omatali (b. 1982, Tehran).
The reality of each of the images is either the artist herself, members of her family or people and spaces she has encountered.  The imagery is the portrayal of fragmentations based on the artist’s association and relation to each of her subjects.  The extent to which she leave the details or instead chooses to remove them is directly connected to how she feels towards each one of them.
Her work has this air of private excess — incredibly beautiful, very detailed and mysterious — inviting the audience to take on a journey into the artist’s inner world.
Having stayed true to her signature small dimensions, in her second show with the gallery, in addition to different shades of gray, Mona Omatali has added more color to her work, starting with one hue in earlier works and combining multiple ones in the later works to further play around with form and perspective.