June 12  -  July 1 2015


Amir Karimi

Press Release

Press Release

What stands out in Amir Karimi’s paintings is the concept of time in its literal meaning. By painting such subjects as the fetus, a metaphor of anticipation, flower and butterfly, symbols of evanescent and unstable beauty, pupil, as the intermediary of memory recording in mind and …., Karimi expresses his concern in a painterly way. Overall, concepts such as memory and its remembrance have been intertwined with Karimi’s works. In some of his work, by referring back to old photographs, he tries to create a sense of nostalgia, and by doing so, bring back the memories of that period. Exploiting this mechanism, Karimi confirms his distance from the present time, and specifically refers to a certain time span. At the same time, by simplifying the shadows, limiting the visual elements and ignoring the details, he endows the images in this series with an ambiguous and obscure quality which may be an attempt by which the painter depicts his notional images from the past on canvas, and since judging the past is always accompanied by a sense of uncertainty, he leaves the interpretation to the audience, and avoids declaring his definite opinion.