April 17  -  May 11 2015


Omid Bazmandegan

Press Release

Press Release

Omid Bazmandegan’s paintings are a replication of his intimate look and direct interpretation of his personal life and surroundings. Shiraz, the city that he lives and works in, is the main subject of his works. Bazmandegan, who tries to portray his life experience in a simple and sincere manner, pays attention to specific characteristics of Shiraz such as the quality of daylight, color of the sky, chains of mountains, clouds and their shadows on the ground in the backdrop of buildings, roads and cars and illustrates his overall conception of the city in his cityscapes.

His other works that are more personal, are detailed images of familiar places, people and pets. Overall, to capture a moment of the experiences and memories that he’s had with his friends and family in different places is the bold quality of his work.