Trace and Ceiling

Press Release

O Gallery is pleased to present “Trace and Ceiling” an exhibition of prints and installation made by Herbert Eugen Wiegand (b. 1954, Dusseldorf) and Eva Grøttum (b. 1950, Født). 

Over a fairly long time, I have been concerned with communication and its misunderstandings and attractiveness. And thus our insatiable desire to decipher and understand everything that stands out as a mystery.
The works in this exhibition focus on communication and communication attempts.
Scripture is an invitation to us to decipher it. Image and the game of interpretation, the attempt to capture phenomena, theunderstanding of signs.

-Herbert Eugen Wiegand

Within every process in my work, I first start looking at picture and documentation of textile handicraft structures, ornaments and geometric patterns in architecture and patterns in general; focusing on upgrading and appropriating them in other forms – a borrow of elements of cultural expression of one group to another. The impulse in the new color linoleum cuts came from the experience of intricate ornament ceiling structures in books about Iranian mosque architecture. The fascination of this – I believe – comes from when I was a girl and received a a ruler as a present from my father.

– Eva Grøttum