Total Geometry

Press Release

Amirhossein Biparva
Total Geometry
September 14 – 26 2018

The whole world, including man, is changing at any given moment, and behind these seemingly imprecise, chaotic and unwieldy changes lies a particular kind of dynamic, nonlinear and memory based system.
One of these systems is the geometry of nature, known as the fractal.
The word fractal comes from the Latin “frāctus,” meaning broken or fractured rock.
In nature, when we approach a fractal body, we find that the forms that from afar looked to be a bunch of shapeless grains exhibit patterns, more or less similar to the whole shape. Trees, clouds, mountains, ferns, the shoreline and many other natural elements follow this order.
These orders are perfect references to their very origin: nature.
Nature, not in the form that has always been depicted, but as a specific and precise system of creating shapes and forms.
Fractals are developed by “repetition” in an ongoing feedback loop and these continuous/discontinuous loops are the essence of the world that represent us the way we are.