The Wasteland


September 18  -  September 30 2015


Kolsum Salehi

Press Release

If it’s the twilight of sunset and you walk at the cemetery, you will be empowered by a strange feeling, as though the air entering your lungs is heavy. The odor of ecstasy and camphor fills your unconsciousness and weighs on your shoulder, you keep looking back!
Watching a suspended piece of bone, right at that moment of absence, where it’s not clear if you are coming to this world or going, is what Kolsum does. A fascinating entertainment is taking place and the outcome: a festivity accompanied by the smell of decay.
Rotting, towards the inexistence of inexistence, that reinvents existence itself. And inexistence only at a specific instance coincides with existence, and this coincidence, however short, is significant. It’s as though time is extended, celebration is on, you no longer know if what you see is that or not! Not knowing is not caused by the distortions of what we see, it’s caused by the pressure of depth!

— Aidin Xankeshipour
August 26 2015
Action comes through in meaning and not in form, as it is delicate in form. But what blocks the awareness is the undeniable mirror that encloses the reflection of our decay, ruins our decay over our heads, without the light of a miracle.
We, continue, unconsciously, to look back.