The Redshift


September 9  -  September 20 2016


Sina Boroumandi

Press Release

O Gallery presents “The RedShift,” a collection of photographs by Sina Boroumandi (b.1980, Tehran). 
The works on display are the outcome of three years of photography in the city of Tehran with cameras that were either made or modified by the artist.
Having made his own pinhole camera, Sina Boroumandi has photographed a series of 20×20 cm black and white images that stand as a manifestation for the rest of the collection. He has curved his negatives to his desire to challenge the representation of mere reality in photography. 
By manipulating a different camera, he has then captured a series of double exposed black and white photographs of construction machinery that are meant to bring about different images and forms. Having hand-printed this section of the collection gives each work a crafted and unique feel.
Finally, in the third part of the exhibition, by manipulating the film and changing its color to red, he has created a series of double exposed images of negatives of photographs of urban sculptures which once more do not represent an accurate represetaioc of reality and invite the audience to look for other forms. 
Sina Boroumandi has previously participated in several national and international exhibitions.

The Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics essentially states that an object in a physical system can simultaneously exist in all possible configuration but observing the system, forces the system to collapse and forces the object into just one of those possible states. Thus until the system collapsed into just one configuration the object would exist in some superposition state.