Tehran: Tehran’s Historian


July 17  -  July 29 2015


Golara Jahanian

Press Release

O Gallery presents an exhibition of photographs by Golara Jahanian (b.1986, Bojnourd).  As it appears from its title, “Tehran: Tehran’s Historian” is a collection of 32 photographs and is the outcome of the artist’s 3-year long journey in Tehran, the city she now lives in. Perhaps to claim that Tehran is a self-explanatory and self-narrating city is a wild claim, but the world of art and literature is the place for imagination to wander off …

Are you familiar with this condition? When it’s just as if every object were running a fever, when they are all joyously excited and ill: barriers in the streets, posters shedding their skin, grand pianos thronging at the depot like an intelligent, leaderless herd, born for frenzies of the sonata and for boiled water.

“Le Timbre Egyptien,” Osip Mandelstam
Excerpt from All That Is Solid Melts Into Air, Marshall Berman