Rambling Postscripts


February 3  -  February 14 2017


Ghazal Khatibi

Press Release

O Gallery is pleased to present Rambling Postscripts, showcasing the latest collection of works on paper and six light boxes by Ghazal Khatibi (b.1984, Kermanshah).
The series begun in 2012 as an ongoing exploration of the barren lands the artist came across in her wanderings about.  Capturing photographs of landscapes she found riveting, she has reincarnated her own painterly representations of what often as background and outskirts, take on the role of the dominant subject.
Her distinctive dark landscapes, consisting of a limited choice of palette of mostly varying shades of black, green and yellow illustrate scenes uninhabited of humans and affairs that have yet attained their potentiality in expressing a humanly narration as a token of a nature consumed: a reflection by the artist of the bond between man and nature.