Listen to the Dogs Barking in Your Cellar

Press Release

Masoud Ghafari
Listen to the Dogs Barking in Your Cellar
October 12 – 23 2018

And cellar is an intact nature, its rhymes worth hearing, away from the ever-present, ever-shining sun, where the man can-not get any lonelier, all alone by himself. If equipped with a hook, it’s perfect to fish for spirit, darkness being its bait. This is that backbone, the result of a wise man’s self-digging. Confucius says: “Virtue does not remain as an abandoned orphan; it must of necessity have neighbors” but the cellar can be that abandoned orphan, not in need of neighbors. This is us, and our absence and the need for a blaze deep in the cellar, its light, its lighter and its enlightenment is self, may in facing it, we find our real selves – not the virtual selves, but neighbors.

Milad Malekpour