Ghar Square


September 23  -  October 4 2016


Hamed Sodachi

Press Release

O Gallery presents “Ghar Square,” a collection of photographs by Hamed Sodachi (b. 1984, Tehran). 
Ghar Square or more commonly known as Ghar Gate or Darvaze Ghar is a poor neighborhood in the south of Tehran. For the past fifty years, this neighborhood has been one of the main hubs for drug addicts to live and look for drugs. Its only park is now filled with used syringes and drug dealers. Prostitution, child labor, drug dealing and addiction are all part of this neighborhood and thieves, runaway girls and immigrants from other towns find refuge here. 
Hamed Sodachi has spent three years in this neighborhood, documenting the lives of its drug addicts. Through photography, the artist captures the culture and lifestyle of these neglected and forgotten citizens and through displaying them in such a show draws on the bigger gap between the poor and the rich of the society.
The works on display have been selected from more than 500 frames. Accompanying the portrait section of the collection, there is a 7-minute documentary video of the artist putting up 100×100 cm posters of selected photographs all over town back in the winter of 2014.