February 5  -  February 17 2016


Masood Hajjafarizadeh

Press Release

O Gallery presents “Ephemera,” a collection of photographs by Masood Hajjafarizadeh (b. 1980, Tehran).  For any photographer, photography is a process in which it contains the desire to create something eternal. By definition, photography is the man’s attempt to capture and freeze where in reality, the photograph that is supposed to eternalize man, like anything else is itself perishable. The collection on display consists of a series of photographs that Hajjafarizadeh took in his travels to Italy, Germany and Austria in the summer of 2001 which were later seriously damaged in the sewage leakage in 2004 in Tehran. What happened drew the artist’s attention to the nature of photography; therefore, the experience of photography in this collection is a reminder of the strive for permanency, gain and loss through civilization and eventually the desire to create something new out of what is left.