Black and White


October 21  -  November 1 2016


Samira Karbalaei

Press Release

O Gallery presents “Black and White,” a collection of works on paper by Samira Karbalaei (b. 1980, Tehran). The collection on display is the outcome of the artist’s continuous efforts to further utilize her chosen technique to better illustrate the impromptu and effective nature of drawing with charcoal. In the works carefully selected for the show, Karbalaei has tackled on a broad range of visual forms of expression within the technique: from the subtlest to the most blatant surfaces and from the most decisive to the most obscure lines. The arrangement of all these elements has allowed for the demonstration of subjective observations and ongoing interpretations of anyone’s everyday experiences.
The outcome of such has been the emergence of an aesthetic quality that is the product of the union and integration of fragments, collaged on paper to form a unified meaning. Perhaps the most significant aspect of the collection is the transformation of immature incidents on paper to the creation of expressive visual images.