You Cannot the Same River Twice


June 10  -  June 21 2016


Shahrzad Changalvaee

Press Release

O Gallery presents “You Cannot the Same River Twice,” a collection of works by Shahrzad Changalvaee (b.1983, Tehran).
Shahrzad Changalvaee graduated from Tehran University with a BA in Visual Communication in 2006.  After graduation, her work was more focused on the use of sculpture, space, time and incident  by working with the Persian script in poster designing and experimental projects.  The years that followed directed her work more towards temporal arts.  A few group exhibitions abroad and the Magic of Persia Award in 2011 were all the product of this period in the artist’s career, even though her work was never officially exhibited in Tehran.  In 2011, she emigrated to the US to continue her education at Yale University.  She graduated in 2015 with an MFA in sculpture.  Gradually, her work was distanced from the Persian writings and language, and it began to focus on the concept of language.  The works on display are more or less pivoted  on the notion of language through medium and sculpting material and have been created to express such concepts as desire, will and power. The majority of these works have been previously shown. First, in 2015 at VSC Gallery at School of Visual Arts, New York and recently at Meyohas Gallery, New York with Constanza Alarcon. Except for the works created for the book “You Did Not Arrive In Time, Dusk Fell Instead,” a collaboration with Mehdi Navid, published by Bongah Publication, all the works on display are from the same period in the artist’s career.