The Nature of Curating

Curating and the role of the curator is one of the major issues in the contemporary art field. 3 days of workshop under the guidance of media artist Shahram Entekhabi including screening of recordings of talks with international curators with Farsi subtitles followed by discussions Date and Hours: Wednesday March 1st: 6-9 PM /Thursday March 2nd: 2-5 PM/ Friday March 3rd: 2-5 PM @OGalleryTehran The Nature of Curating In Iran, the art galleries are almost the only functioning model of exhibition practice. A contemporary non-profit institutional system is hardly existing as well as curatorial studies. Art that is “hard to sell” – ephemeral forms, video art, installation art and performance – exist but hardly find a place of discussion. “The Nature of Curating” challenges the subject of curating in relation with aesthetic, social, political and philosophical contemporary application. And also, questions the differences between the contemporary art and the exhibition practice in Iran. “The Nature of Curating” aims to create an awareness of the importance and the necessity of a curatorial engagement. It presents various interviews with a wide range of international curators with different backgrounds and perspectives, asking fundamental questions about curating and the importance of the role of a curator as well as their views on nationalization of contemporary art, and using alternative spaces and many more questions that we found relevant to the Iranian art scene today. Below is the list of the interviewees that will be seen and discussed during the workshop: – René Block- Gallerist, curator, and collector, former director of the Fridericianum, Kassel. – Mark Gisbourne – Curator, critic, a former tutor and lecturer at University of London, Slade School of Fine Art, London, and Manchester University. – Adrienne Goehler – Curator, publicist, former Senator for Science, Research and Culture in Berlin and one of Europe’s foremost cultural debaters. – Erika Hoffmann-Koenige- Art collector. – Alexander Koch- Gallerist, curator, theorist.

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