Out of Tune Strings, Botched Stitches


June 2  -  June 23 2017


Zahra Imani

Selected Works

Press Release

O Gallery is pleased to present “Out of Tune Strings, Botched Stitches,” Zahra Imani’s (b. 1985, Tehran) first solo exhibition.

Much like a dexterous tailor who unthreads a fabric without scissor and through a small tear, Zahra Imani in Out of Tune Strings, Botched Stitches draws the attention of her viewers to the relationship between feminine consciousness and rage against the system of domination while widening the gap and intensifying the existing crisis in the logic of representation in painting in particular and the visual arts in general… . Zahra Imani is fearlessly putting out her own story of creation for everyone to see in the form of a handiwork that has always been done by women and associated with “home.” In this way, she is inviting her viewers to see the fabric of art in terms of women’s domestic chores. Perhaps strings played by her seditious stitches can tear the fabric of domination and lay bare the dissonance of a majestic symphony.
excerpt from text by Homayoun Askari Sirizi on “Out of Tune Strings, Botched Stitches” exhibition