The Sense of a Space

Selected Works

Press Release

The collection on display consists of imaginary -and occasionally familiar- images of cityscapes and its symbols. These paintings are an attempt to depict the heart and soul of the Behroo Bagheri’s surrounding space and to recreate a feeling from those spaces.
Distorted spaces, with unfitting ill-suited components, in an installation of repetitive symbols, like domes and dome-shaped designs, cars and motorbikes, Milad tower, a pale view of Alborz mountains, industrial cranes, air vents, and so on, are all accompanied by a feeling of turmoil, incompletion, rapidity, contradiction and change; and also by a perception of safety, euphoria and beauty. A safety and beauty made up of what is common, a feeling of being in a safe corner for the artist; like a house one is accustomed to. A frequent, regular and permanent feeling.