The Sacred Fall


December 18  -  January 6 2016


Soheil Mokhtar

Press Release

O Gallery presents “The Sacred Fall,” a collection of paintings by Soheil Mokhtar (b. 1985, Tehran). In the Garden of Eve, the greedy human committed a sin and thus established a sinful relation to the nature from the beginning of its creation. He was banished to Earth with a heavy heart in solitude and in the vast infinite nature upon him, began searching for the essence of his existence. With one eye to the sky and the other to the tree. He hunted in this realm and was hunted. He created safe havens in the heart of nature, developed and became intelligent, but an ancient fear accompanied by a sense of admiration, has constrained his fabricated existence and power. Fear of nature and the admiration of nature, the nature that is the cause of his fall to this planet: the source of all his sufferings and prayers, and yet all his joys and dancings nevertheless. His existence was intertwined by nature in every way so much that human is no longer a being in nature but is indeed nature itself. A being that like all living beings is nurtured by nature and perished in it. He goes to war with nature, its origin and the cause of his sin, but anguish, fear, and lonesomeness take over his shaking body and finally he gives in to this disturbing fall in hopes of reclaiming his lost virtue; however his hands turn into tree in anticipation of redemption.