The List – Recent Drawing of Iran


August 28  -  September 9 2015


Press Release

Drawing, as an untainted media maintains the minimum distance to the artist’s mind and provides him with the opportunity to experience at the moment. Drawing, with its infinite possibilities, is no longer a pre-exercise or sketch for a painting, sculpture or … nor is it limited to certain tools. It is an independent movement and medium that in its re-defined form has expanded its capacity and can easily approach other medias.

Iran’s drawing at the present moment, by our definition is a collection of various conceptual dispositions that includes a great span of critical and reflective structures, abstract and isolated images, irony and fantasy among many other things.

In the present collection, thirteen artists who practice drawing by emphasizing on the conceptual aspect of the work and also consider the abstract quality of line and form expressed in a meaningful way on a two dimensional surface as their medium of choice or at least acknowledge it as one of their major ways of expression have been selected. These artists, with different qualities of continuity and accuracy in creating diverse aspects of drawing and by emphasis on the originality of content and the aesthetics of image have played a role in its contemporary grasp and are worthy to watch in the recent drawing of Iran.