The Earth


April 21  -  May 2 2017


Niloofar Lohrasbi

Press Release

O Gallery presents “The Earth,” a new collection of works by Niloofar Lohrasbi (b. 1984). The collection on display, the product of the artist’s work since 2015, consists of a selection of works on paper, sculptures and installation.
“The Earth,” in its motion and stillness, like a living entity, opulent and powerful is the outcome of these works. Inspired mostly by volcanos and isolated lakes, Niloofar Lohrasbi uses natural dyes such as those extracted from walnut shell, turmeric and saffron in addition to watercolor and pencil to portray serene and remote scenes that contain a unique sensibility without being stark. In a similar subjective approach and in continuation to the drawings, the artist uses natural dyes, felt and thread to create sculptures that are representative of the interaction of water, soil and air.
Niloofar Lohrasbi received her BA in Industrial Design from Tehran University and then went on to receive her masters in painting from Tehran Azad University. She has held 2 solo and several group exhibitions so far and “The Earth” marks her first solo show with the gallery.