Section 41


July 14  -  July 25 2017


Amin Talachian

Press Release

– Section 41
– They have escaped faith
– Beliefs change, so do times
– A review of history, such as life
– Mummified corpses, a yellow leaf brought about from nowhere in the water, frozen in the moment, lost in history, framed on the gallery wall. Not the gallery, but like a graveyard, the feeling you feel amongst all those houses.  Resting place of secrets that are buried in one place.
– Talachina’s photographs are ruined tales of the death of a moment, such as the melting of an ice cube in our hands, relieving the burning pain. Broken black stones as an appreciation of our beliefs, a disappeared past in the present, as a bitter reminder of those gone early in the neglected politics of history!

–Ramyar Manouchehrzadeh
December 2017