February 24  -  March 7 2017


Zahra Gharakhani

Press Release

O Gallery in collaboration with Naranj Gallery (Shiraz) presents “Pause,” a new collection of oil paintings by Zahrah Gharakhani (b. 1980, Isfahan). In her realistic depiction of mostly outdoor spaces; alleys, houses, parking lots and such, Zahra Gharakhani expresses her interpretation of “gazing.” In her statement, the artist says: “if one pauses a little longer than usual to gaze into an empty place, a vague space, a spot of light or a dark sky, it means that ‘gazing’ is an ongoing and continuous experience.”
By focusing on light and shadow, she creates personal and mysterious spaces, representative of no specific time and empty of human existence. In her isolated images, however real, the places are deserted; each with a story to tell.
Zahra Gharakhani received both her masters and bachelor degrees in painting from Tehran University. She is currently working and living in Isfahan. The current exhibition marks the artist’s first solo show in Tehran.