Animal Farm


January 8  -  January 20 2016


Kiana Ghiaee

Press Release

Apocalypse in Glass Jars

Kiana Ghiaee’s recent works illustrate humans trapped in glass jars and aquariums alongside irregular elements such as ships, military helicopters, vultures, crows, pigs, dolls and other objects. Ghiaee’s reference is to George Orwell’s novels 1984 and Animal Farm, but further beyond that, these paintings represent a fragmented, carnivalized world characteristic of the present time’s complicated and terrible conditions. The glass makes the figures both isolated and inaccessible and afloat and drowned. The water is a purifier and a partition and fragile. Ghiaee’s works remind us of the extent to which everything in this world is so unreal and horrible and yet humorous and call for conscious thoughts.

Behnam Kamrani