The Light Reaching From Afar


May 19  -  May 30 2017


Elham Yazdanian

Press Release

O Gallery presents The Light Reaching from Afar, Elham Yazdanian’s second solo show with the gallery. The collection on display consists of 20 drawings and 8 paintings in different dimensions from very small works on paper to mid-size canvas paintings. The black and white drawings are achieved in mostly pencil and in some instances acrylic and ink is added to better represent the artist’s ambition. Paintings, also finished in a limited palette, illustrate a unique reenactment of interior spaces. What is in common between these works and also the artist’s previous collections is the distinct juxtaposition of light against dark.
This, here is the space, in the distance between two points which is created by light and the lucid dark matter against it. A multilayered space, in the map of a person’s life that is constantly surrounded by the light that comes from the past (afar) to the present time. Something similar to walking in a state of being that has no sound.