An Exhibition about a Bad Exhibition


August 3  -  August 15 2018


Milad Houshmandzadeh

Press Release

What should a bad text or image be like? Should a bad text be bad in itself? Or should it be bad in the worst possible way? If a text is badly bad, it must be good in something and taking into consideration certain criteria, it can then be reflected as something good. In fact, if it’s really bad in its badness, with a bit of distance from its general conformation, it can again be considered good.
If something is supposed to be bad, is there a certain criterion that should be followed? Or a criterion that should not be followed? Is the aspiration behind being bad, a will to reach a bad goal? Or even not reaching that goal? In a sense, the badness of a text can be determined by the failure, disappointment and fiasco of reaching a specific goal or criterion.