Deceit and Turmoil


June 30  -  July 11 2017


Mostafa Hamidi

Press Release

To me a checkered pattern represents a scattered contradiction, be it an all white checked to black and white checked patterns that represent a stark contrast, war and conflict.
The contrast between in(side) and out(side), the reality and illusion, the reality and truth, the contrast between the confused reality and vague reality to the extent of lying.
As far as I know only humans lie. I started telling the biggest lies to myself and then to others.
You know, those lies which don’t count as lies, will do harm and just invalidates our speech. Such as conventional lies used in social relationships, for justification and denial; the white lies of convenience which are benevolent, sincere, polite, romantic, mystical, philosophical, or intellectual.
Today my words have no credit, but I say them nevertheless; they are accept and I accept what is said in return, but this is merely a tacit agreement without any executive commitments.
Why is that? Perhaps for the acquisition of wealth, stating one’s existence or social identity or generally due to fear- the fear of “losing” or “lack of achieving”, materially or spiritually.
Today I struggle in a stack of lies; lies of the virtual world, advertising and fashion; we live in other people’s lies and with other people’s lies.
Lying has become a tool and a fact in my life, a confused reality, a real mess that makes no leads to truth.
I think the only way to reach the truth is through assured reality; that is of course whether I have the vision and courage to confront such reality.
Who’s the culprit? I’m not sure. However, when I stand at the judging point between the two mirrors of the past and the future, as far as sight can see, I only find myself and no one but me.
I have come to realize that everything starts from “me” and extends to “us” and yet again concludes with “me”, be it in developing or demolishing…

— Mostafa Hamidi
Translated by Hani Abtahi