May 5  -  April 16 2017


Omid Bazmandegan

Selected Works

Press Release

Omid Bazmandegan (b. 1976), born and raised in Shiraz, often portrays the landscapes and people of his birthplace.  His paintings turn urban landscapes into silent and impressive scenes of the timeless affair between life and death.
Some of his work depict a city, deep in massive dirt. however, the presence of an inexplicable and indefinable element gives its sense of tranquility, a double meaning that at times can be terrifying.  In a similar manner, in a number of his other paintings, people, trees, earth and sky each bring a “sense of dying.” Nonetheless, here and there, in the foreground or the background of these soft abandoned places, an aroused and at times creeping stroke of red appears on the surface of the canvas; as though death in its certainty, courageously and gloriously has allowed the rebellious and stubborn life to look into its eyes and maybe it in this very encounter that art and beauty are given a chance to come to life.

— Omid Fallahzadeh