O Gallery at Asia Now 2022

Attending Artists

Ali Nassir , Alireza Chalipa , Armin Ebrahimi , Donya Aalipour , Raha Khosroshahi , Zahra Shahcheraghi ,

Pess Release

October 21 - 23 2022

Certainty is the undeniable and irresistible knowledge of something. When defining our reality, certainty compels us to substitute the rational analysis processes with those based on memorization. Uncertainty, on the other hand, appears as the opportunity to generate a thinking process that responds to the realities of the unknown or changing nature.

For the upcoming edition of Asia Now, a presentation by six of our artists, Donya Aalipour (b. 1995 Tehran), Alireza Chalipa (b. 1984, Shiraz), Armin Ebrahimi (b. 1984 Tehran) Zahra Shahcheraghi (b. 1989 Karaj), Raha Khosroshahi (b. 1997 Tehran) and Ali Nassir (b. 1951 Tehran) is proposed to highlight the artists’ very personal moments of uncertainty, rooted in their lived experiences, collective histories and memories. The works of the selected artists are deeply embedded within this ambiguous time, evoking cautions, questions and desires in relation to each other.

O Gallery at Asia Now 2022