Nature's Renewal at Ronewa Art Projects

April 16, 2024

Nature’s Renewal, a collaboration between O Galley (Tehran) and Ronewa Art Projects (Berlin) is an exhibition of works by six Iranian artists whose works explore the theme of nature/landscape in different ways. A  similar exhibition was originally set to take place in August 2023 at Ronewa Art Projects but was postponed.

The current exhibition will take place during Berlin’s Art Week concurrent with Paper Positions Berlin, where O Gallery will be showcasing different works by two of the artists in this exhibition.

Often times, the representation of “nature” in contemporary art transcends mere aesthetic appreciation.  While a work of art may just be a depiction of nature, it can also be representing various concepts such as social, political, cultural and environmental issues that plague our society. 
Serminaz Barseghian (b. 1987 Tehran) employs a representational approach in her art, capturing three familiar landscapes in splines (stripes), borrowing from her father’s distinguished technique, adding on her own personal touch while wireframing the images on the surface. In these works, ideas of transience are explored both visually and conceptually. Through her meticulous depiction, she challenges traditional notions of accuracy and permanency; inviting viewers to contemplate the fluidity of reality and the uncertainty inherent in images. Her works prompts reflection of the ever-changing nature of perception and the shifting boundaries between what is perceived and what may come to be in the future.
Nature serves as a recurring subject in Aylar Dastgiri’s (b. 1988 Tehran) work. Embracing a more spontaneous and relaxed approach in her digital paintings, she draws primarily from memory, inviting viewers to ponder the interplay between theater and painting. Dastgiri skillfully navigates the transition from the vivacious energy of the stage to the tranquil stillness depicted in her work. While her larger scale paintings mesmerize with spatial illusions that beckon viewers into immersive landscapes, the titles of her works - such as Move Your Eyes, You Are Not Fixed and You Are Standing at an Altitude of 6745 meters - try to create a similar atmosphere to further involve the viewer by fabricating a moment of presence within her creations.
On a parallel artistic journey, Armin Ebrahimi (b. 1984 Tehran) embarks on a departure from traditional representational styles, explores the essence and emotional resonance of landscapes through abstract forms and fragmented brushstrokes. Through his unique approach, he transcends the confines of literal representation and delves into the depths of allegory and symbolism. Ebrahimi’s artworks intertwine personal narratives with broader historical references, evoking a rich tapestry of cultural identities and their accompanying histories. As he navigates between the figurative and the abstract, he blurs the lines between the two, making the separation nearly impossible.
In contrast, Raha Khosroshahi (b. 1997 Tehran), avoids the confines of proposing conceptual frameworks or problem-solving agendas, instead focusing solely on the act of painting. Through a harmonious interplay of forms and complementary color palettes, Khosroshahi crafts progressive works that blend abstract and figurative elements, evoking a sense of familiarity tinged with uncertainty. The artist embraces accidental imprecisions and the layered application of oil, resulting in compositions that serve as visual metaphors, sparking curiosity and inviting viewers to explore their own memories, emotions and reflections.
Maryam Mohry (b. 1979 Tehran) brings forth a multifaceted approach in her art, highlighting her deep-rooted passion for nature and gardening. Whether through expansive drawings with various characters or small woks focused on solitary figures, Mohry seamlessly intertwines storytelling, reverence for nature and environmental advocacy. By employing collage techniques, she further enriches her artistic expression, imbuing her works with layers of depth, texture and a sense of playfulness that captivates and provokes contemplation.
Razieh Sedighian (b. 1986 Tehran) captivates viewers with her masterful manipulation of dots and lines, creating a sense of transcendence beyond the constraints of time and place. Through a minimalist palette dominated by white, blue and black, Sedighian’s enigmatic landscapes hint at the delicate balance and fragility of our natural world. The juxtaposition of never-before-exhibited works from 2008 alongside recent works offers viewers a rare glimpse into the evolution and progression of her artistic journey, inviting reflection on the fluidity of artistic expressions over time.

The works collectively become visual metaphors, not only evoking a sense of curiosity but also inviting the viewers to delve into their own memories, emotions and reflections, contemplating their own perspective and connections to nature.  By layering personal experiences with natural imagery, a rich tapestry is created for introspection and dialogue. This exhibition is the second collaboration between Ronewa Art Projects and O Gallery with the works selected by Orkideh Daroodi. This exhibition not only celebrates the power of artistic expression but also fosters cultural exchange and appreciation across borders.




Nature's Renewal at Ronewa Art Projects