White Flag

January 26 - February 6 2024

Majid Biglari

Press Release

O Gallery presents “White Flag”, an exhibition of recent works by Majid Biglari (b. 1986 Tehran).

Accumulating and preserving discarded memories constitutes Majid Biglari's primary pursuit. In the “White Flag” exhibition, he reconstructs the uncertainty of victories and defeats of contemporary man. A symbol of peace and surrender, white flag falls short to start a new dialogue and is thus rendered useless. Leaving and forced migrations and its relationship to abandoned cities, structures, objects, or people and the unstable situation in which mankind lives, leaves behind something grime and ambiguous from the white flag. In continuation of his previous series, such as “The Possibility of Real Life’s Openness to Experience,” Majid makes memorials and reminders that evoke a past that seems impossible to be changed after being buried under a pile of dirt, cement, and paint.

In this new series, abandoning takes various forms: from a city to a building, from a structure to a room, from a room to an object, and from an object to a human. Rusted cityscapes are stuck in the past as much as buildings and people’s personal spaces struggle with oblivion. Uncared for and forgotten flowers, regain their meaning in Majid’s hands. Private photos of the “Daqiq” family, now abandoned, are sealed and hidden from our eyes. Being abandoned, the photos no longer function as mementoes, as these memories belong to others, and of the people in the photographs no one is left to recall them.