February 9 - 20 2024

Ali Sadeghi

Press Release

O Gallery presents an exhibition of recent works by Ali Sadeghi (b. 1976 Ilam).

Color contrasts and the use of bold colors are the predominant expression of the works in this collection. These factors combined together have created forms between abstraction and realism, a border that is broken by the integration of line and color in a way that makes it difficult to distinguish familiar from unfamiliar forms. This is while this passage from the familiar still creates unfamiliarity with recognizable and tangible forms for the viewer.

Figures in Sadeghi’s works exist in a neutral space, a background devoid of any meaningful elements, portraying a surreal and dreamlike metamorphosis. They are pseudo-humans that are either yet to be created or humans undergoing transformation. It’s not limited to the human form; characters in Sadeghi’s other works also find themselves far from a stable state. It seems like an endless transformation of destiny has been imprinted upon them.